Retail Secret Shopper in conjunction with CRA ratings have a secret shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to participate. ® If accepted you will be paid to confidentially survey the services they offer and score your overall experience. The survey will take 30 minutes to complete and you will earn $700 for your participation. It is fun and rewarding and you choose when and where you want to shop. There is no charge to become a shopper and you do not need any signup fees or previous experience. After you sign up, you will have access to training materials via e-mail, fax or Postal Mail.

You will be required to interact with an attendant, cashier or customer service representative. You may conduct your assignment alone or as a couple, we offer to pay you $700.00 or more per full evaluation duty (completed as instructed) and can have up to Three (3) assignments in a Month.

Kindly fill the Application Form below and we will get back to you shortly with your first assignment IF you are accepted to participate in this Service Evaluation.

NOTE: Ensure that all the fields below are completely filled (NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE, CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS AND CONTACT PHONE NUMBER) so your Application can be VERIFIED and APPROVED.
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